Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 303 : third century!

Wow, somehow I've managed to keep this photo-a-day blog going for three hundred days and it’s been really interesting to see the metamorphosis over that time. Actually the 365 day project is a little more than 300 days old because when I realised there weren't enough days left in the year I guessed I'd miscounted along the way. And I had. Somehow back in April and again in July I had duplicated the day numbers. Of course I could just leave it but being a Virgo I knew I couldn't write the text “day 367 : it's the final day of my photo-a-day project” on December 31st. That would just mess with my head! So I painstakingly re-numbered hundreds of posts because really advancing one number each day shouldn't be difficult!

Each century has been characterised by the weather, the opportunity and my surroundings. The first hundred was a lot of dark nights on the tube, some snow and the first daffodils. For the second one hundred, Spring hit and I embraced flower photography especially with the aid of close-up filters. I enjoyed a wildflower workshop in Kent woodlands and a fabulous long weekend in Dordogne living my poppy dream.

The most recent one hundred days had me back in France staying on a luxury barge. This wasn't a photography holiday so I took my photographs when I could, luckily the barge was drifting along so slowly (the speed of a toddling child apparently) that I could easily capture vignettes of the summery French fields alongside the towpaths of the canals whilst languishing in the jacuzzi sipping fine rosé wine. The penguins seemed to take on a life of their own, they got everywhere, plus some other rubbery pals made an appearance. I exhibited a few of my photographs for the first time and the weather turned. The season of mellow fruitfulness hit with crunchy orange leaves, wind and rain. I befriended baby snails and a rubber duck.

So what's in store for the rest of the year? There's an Autumn Colour Photography walk in Kent to complement the Wildflowers in the wood walk in the Spring. Christmas is booked for a lovely little boutique hotel on the North Norfolk coast, I'm hoping for some windswept coastal, big, blue sky photography there.

And in the interim, I suspect the occasional penguin will reappear, hues of orange and brown and more sparkling raindrops. Welcome to the home stretch!

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