Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 301 : they call it Stormy Monday, yes they do!

The storm seem to really rattle my house around 5am this morning. It was enough to wake me up and make me believe I was living in a haunted house with the howling wind whipping and whooo-hoooing down the long disused chimneys. The sky was a curious slatey colour and through the window I could see leaves and small branches whipping past. Though compared to the storm of ’87 where I could see huge branches, signposts and dustbins flying past and on venturing outside the countless trees fallen over obstructing the roads and paths at every turn, this seemed tame. Though I'm very pleased to note the violent rain last night and gusty winds stayed on the outside of my flat, the recent repairs seem to have done their job. And when the wind had calmed a little you could just see a beautiful sunrise peeking out from around the huge trees which thankfully had survived. I couldn't position myself high enough and less obscured by trees to capture it, frustratingly.
But casting thoughts of fine sunrises aside, I began the long and torturous journey with just slightly less the normal number of people crammed into considerably less public transport than normal. I fear that some people being wedged so tightly against the curved glass doors may never straighten up again! And then someone fainted on our train, or tried to as it was too crowded to actually fall down but the poor girl had to be carefully extricated at the next stop and be given help. The joys of commuting!
I wasn't able to see the sunrise clearly but I was privy to a beautiful sunset emerging. But seriously at 4.30pm? That's just wrong! How can the sun be putting away its hat so early in the day, there's buckets of shining time left. All those with Mediterranean roots immediately start wilting with the lack of sunlight, like half Spanish EM. Being brought up “up North” I should be acclimatised to a steady diet of “drizzle and light precipitation”, rain is our constant companion around Manchester. How do you think the Lake District acquired such a name? But I can fully understand why Seasonal Affective Disorder is such a thing, sad-face all round!


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