Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day 286 : leafmotif

Well that was proper rain today, full on constant, super drenching ceiling-ripping rain. Yes, the hole in my lounge ceiling is now bigger, it has been joined by a new smaller friend and I’ve been forced to graduate to three bowls to collect the rainwater plus plastic sheeting to catch the ricochets and splashes.

Luckily, however, when I was ready to venture outside the rain had more or less abated leaving the world scattered with crystal rain drops. A leitmotif or, if you can bear the pun, “leafmotif” of my blog has been raindrops on roses and leaves so I don't see why the season of mellow fruitfulness and falling leaves should curtail that minor obsession. Luckily I found a perfect fallen leaf that had drifted down from the tree above and impaled itself on a bush below, exposing its sawtooth edge. The rain had anointed the surface of the leaf with shiny drops, all reflecting the grey sky. I don't mind the rain in my photographs I just really need to keep it out of my flat.


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