Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 274 : dress rehearsal

Tomorrow night is the private viewing of the 5th London Photo Festival, it is also my debut of exhibiting any of my photographs, anywhere, and I'm rather nervous. In anticipation I've had some post cards made of the three images I'm showing and had them biked over today so they are here in time for tomorrow. I thought it would be nice for those supporting me to have a set and also leave some on the “publicity” table for any other visitors who are interested.

For reasons I'm not quite sure, I decide to have a little dress rehearsal by propping the postcards up against the white wall with a group of rubber penguins acting as art appreciators.

The Spanish cleaners are increasingly perplexed by my evening photography, and tonight is no exception. I always explain what I'm up to, but in English, as my Spanish can support only the merest of conversations. Sadly, I'm fairly sure most of the words I'm using they don't recognise, there's a lot of smiling, nodding and pointing as I am almost lying down on the wooden floor composing my photo.

Luckily the penguins are appreciative...roll on tomorrow!


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