Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 276 : let there be light!

The other J and I decided to partake in Luce e Limoni tonight. We had planned checking out the London Photo Festival again after work but it transpires it shuts at 6pm and that's entirely not doable. We were going to wander round, critique some art and then head for dinner.

As it is the other J has a mooch on the way into the office as she was only coming in at midday today. This left us wide open for dinner plans. I've hankered after trying the Sicilian place across the road since we moved here, and it didn't disappoint. The pumpkin gnocchi, in particular, was sublime! So good I’m pondering forays at lunchtime or wondering if they do takeaway!

It's so lovely to have a well lit restaurant. I appreciate ambience but some have gone the way darker than the dark hole if Calcutta. Gaucho. That's you, perhaps you could invest in some 100 watt bulbs? Here in this lovely Sicilian restaurant you are bathed in light, not clinical but elegant, above each table is a plethora of crystal pendant lights. The effect is very sparkly (which is never a bad thing!) and there are dramatic shadows on the walls. Hasta la vista!


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