Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 290 : cacophony

The personal challenge of last night’s social was even more of a head scratcher. We had to photograph “our sound”. You only have about fifteen minutes to decide what your sound is and capture it in your camera. I decided quickly that I wanted some vibrant light trails so I started first at the fruit machine downstairs in the pub but decided I wanted more vibrancy and flow. I headed for Oxford Street, the Christmas lights are up, giant snowballs but currently unlit. There are plenty of buses whizzing past plus the lights from the shops, the traffic, neon enticements in the touristy mobile phone shop windows. Soon, by swirling the camera is quick curves I have a more organic pattern I'd envisaged when I'd started.

As an alternative I grabbed a few pictures of mannequins for the “sound of silence”. I chose featureless models in black and white but rejected them in favour of the coloured wavy lines.

I call it “cacophony” and got a very nice nine for it and therefore tie with AK on my team. And with our ten for the group shot we tie for first place so are in the shoot-off. We have three minutes to take our best shot, I procure a couple of extra minutes to get up and down the stairs but don't take advantage of it by running out of battery after merely four shots. This was my best shot and coincidentally AK took the same shots but focused on the old guy nursing his drink below the lights. As usual I edit the people out but people like people in photographs so AK, quite rightly, beats me for first place.


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