Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 294 : chasing snails

After my baby snail photograph on Friday I was keen to try and show the scale of these little babies. U’s teeny, tiny, baby snail watchers in Berlin had suggested I used a matchbox or something held against one of them. I tried showing a little more of the environment around the little snail. He's dangerously close to be doused by a raindrop but I still wasn't sure it showed what I was trying to. Instead I thought I'd encourage one of the livelier ones onto my outstretched finger.

I had a vision of showing the snail slithering slowly along the top of my finger. But this slithery little sucker was moving so fast (who'd have thought it!) around my fingers it was tricky to photograph him in focus at all. He literally wound around each my fingers and I struggled to capture a clean shot. I carefully returned the speedy little snail to his spruce branch and hoped I'd managed to demonstrate its miniature stature and can stop chasing snails - it's exhausting!


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