Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 283 : Apple to the core!

I resisted for a long while but one day when choosing my new mobile phone I realised I could have an iPhone even though I have long nails. I'd been convinced up until then (generally by people in phone shops) that talons and smartphones were incompatible. I embraced the Apple at 3GS and then got on the upgrade path, the 4S two years later and after another two years the 5S wings its way to me.

Almost as soon as I got my first iPhone I was drawing on it, no stylus, as I prefer just using my fingertips. I'm more likely to use my iPad now as I prefer the larger canvas. But it vindicated the belief that I'd found the right phone for me.

My shiny new phone has funky new earphones and I love the fingerprint recognition. Who wouldn't appreciate a phone that identifies and wakes up only for you!

Sadly I managed to accidentally order to the wrong colour which I'm rather gutted about. Apparently I should have ordered grey rather than silver but fingers crossed, I will hopefully be able to rectify that.

I must admit that I am an Apple fangirl to the core now!


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