Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 281 : burgerlicious!

HM and I were well overdue a meet up. We caught up on a few things at the London Photo Festival last week which was very lovely but we wanted a proper put the world to rights session. And this would involve food and possibly cocktails. HM suggested Lobster and Burger which I haven't yet tried. Deferring the aficionado of all things “burger” in the office, V, he said Patty & Bun was entirely the way to go! So we ditched the lobster and went St. Christopher’s Place for pure burger instead. HM was ahead of me so indulged in a bit of shopping and when my cab pulled up outside she was the last in the queue. HM explained that there was an hour wait to be seated and suggested another couple of places nearby. But we could most easily while away an hour with conversation and I'd read some very compelling review of both the burgers and the scattered with rosemary chips it seemed worth the wait. As it was, the wait was okay! We had plenty of work gossip to catch up on now HM has left the fold, she could model her new coat purchase, we could make our choice ahead of time from the menu outside, talk about our forthcoming holidays and built up our appetite. Finally we could stow our bags in the compact and eclectic restaurant and place our order. The mouth-watering aroma of juicy meat is pervading the place and increasing the anticipation further.

And when we receive our paper wrapped burger. Oh yes I can understand the plaudits. My burger may look naked to others as I eschew the tomato, lettuce, pickle, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and just focus on the shiny brioche bun, meat, smoky bacon and melted cheese. The chips have been lavished with praise on the Internet and they are very good indeed. The skin is on, there’s a slightly herby hit and they're crispy. And being a Northerner I have to add the chips to the burger, it extremely crucial. Patty and Bun don't give us plates because it’s easier if we consume these joyously messy burgers over the paper wrappings and they can be scrunched up afterwards. Okay the queue makes this not exactly fast food but this is a very glorious Smokey Robinson burger and chips indeed. Good call V!


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