Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Red sky at night

Don't you just wish that when there's a beautiful sunset you have a more attractive foreground than the roof of the station as you step onto the crowded platform? But I just knew if I risked waiting for the a more picturesque location that I'd be thwarted as the last vestiges of the purpley magenta streaks would disappear tantalisingly out of view.

I tried desperately to snatch a shot through the murky window of a moving bus whilst crossing the bridge (definitely not my best work). This vantage may have been perfect if I was on foot as my miniature tripod is attached to my camera and the bridge balustrade would act as a suitable support for a long exposure but minutes later as I alighted the bus the moment had passed. Night had fallen. Barely a wispy pink trail remained.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Everyone likes a sunset don't they?

Frui have decided to stir up a little healthy competition on World Photography Day by suggesting we post a favourite photograph on their Facebook page and then try and procure the most ‘likes’. But oh what to pick? I nearly plumped for a much loved artfully shot, Donna Hay-esque bunch of asparagus but wasn’t sure it had the requisite crowd pleasing qualities. Instead I reached for a stunning sunset that I captured ‘sans tripod’ on a railway embankment in Loudun in the Loire Valley after a heavy day shooting (images I hasten to add) in Doué Zoo in October last year. That’s a trip I desperately need to blog about – I have hundreds of photos to select from and so much to write about.
I managed to do quite well with my ‘likes’ for my lone telegraph pole and endless sky but the worthy winner was a beautiful bit of observed reportage of a girl dragging her Barbie on a metal chain – maybe you have got see it to get it! If I can link to the required Facebook page I will.

Happy World Photography Day one and all!

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