Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 288 : mind the hat

It’s Turnham Green station and a boater has been flung/blown/dropped onto the tracks. It does make you wonder if there’s been some sort of scuffle or some school child is in trouble for being caught hatless.
I've been watching Harrow - a very British school, which I've always been intrigued by because as a young girl we lived in Harrow. Not on the hill but a schoolfriend’s mother worked in an office there and we wed occasionally visit and see the unusual school uniforms.
Boaters are a critical part of a Harrovians attire and, as I've now learnt, if their hat is absent, battered or just scruffy they have to report to “Custos” in pristine condition very early three days in a row. If the custodian decrees that their dress is not suitably smart, the boy incurs further days of early starts. Seeing this hat made me think that someone somewhere is in trouble.
I suspect that this isn't a Harrovian’s boater but a schoolgirl’s, from one of the local private schools. I'm glad she didn't jump down and rescue it.
I was shocked one late night at Turnham Green to see a many realise he was stood on the Eastbound platform and rather than climb the steps down, walk under the tracks and up the stairs the other side had an alternative idea. He hopped down onto the tracks, stepped over all the rails and clambered up the onto other platform. Shortly after he straightened himself up the tube clattered into view, narrow escape and beyond stupid!


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