Sunday, 18 September 2016

Smile, you're on camera!

Today's London Street Photography Meetup was a version of Man vs. Architecture in Pimlico. Our first challenge was looking for random body parts inside, around and underneath the large temporary wooden structure 'Smile'. Luckily there were some interesting apertures along the side of the smile so you could hope a hand might poke through as you aimed your lens in that direction.

Then we headed inside Tate Britain for some classic lurking. We positioned ourselves around the stairs and corners of the gallery, waiting to capture the other visitors.


We were joined by some new Pollyographers plus old friends, and one of our newbies continued the great tradition of getting on the wrong side of the security guards!

I couldn't decide if it was a monochrome day or technicolour one, so opted for a 50/50 split.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Catching those catching air and bunny tails

My 35th London Street Photography Meetup, and a completely full house of Streettogs (plus one found fluffy bunny tail!) head forth to the Southbank for a composition hunt.




We started with the classic rule of thirds, then 50/50 (splitting the frame into two), negative space, diagonals and the ubiquitous frame within a frame.






On previous visits I've tried and not really managed to capture any of the resident skateboarders "doing air", "getting air", "achieving air", whatever the vernacular is. I was determined to see if I could capture something interesting and follow (or break) a few composition rules along the way.





Another fun and exhilarating day, fabulous to catch up with old friends plus meet new ones, and I suspect our new fluffy white Meetup pet with make a comeback!