Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 279 : creepy spider

This is not just a spider but a monster of spiders and it’s built a fairly substantial web in a few garden from my front door. I don't generally have a problem with spiders unless they fly or are poisonous. Oh or if they’re somehow in my hair, hence the aversion to flying spiders, beetles and a myriad of other annoying flying insects. I will concede that daddy-long-legs are harmless, but the flying bit will always spook me. Spiders get rid of flies which is an excellent thing in my book.

I was going to say there are no poisonous spiders in Britain but thought I'd do a quick google check of that fact first, and horror, the news is all full of the “faux widow” complete with a skull on its back. Eeeek! I thought I'd left behind venomous arachnids after boarding my flight back from Australia a couple of times. Will be checking everywhere for signs of skull bedecked spiders now, shudder!


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