Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 296 : brush with art

When EF left our company we had a whip round and bought her some vouchers for the Affordable Art Fair - a collaboration between the multi-brothered J and myself. She was very happy with the idea and invited me to join her on the charity opening night so I could help her select her artwork. I'd never been to the huge marquee in Battersea park before with the purpley blue lights in the roof and every space crammed with intriguing, bizarre and beautiful pieces of art. I found my gorgeous piece of affordable art quite early on but I didn't regret the impulse buy. My piece is by a talented artist and expert paper folder Dong Li-Blackwell. She had many canvases of expressive, colourful nudes with almost calligraphic brush strokes. But I was taken by the origami pieces of tiny, jewelled paper origami hearts and my favourite was mounted on a black background in an elegant black wooden frame. She chooses different paper sources for each piece, sometimes vibrant cartoons or in this case scraps of vintage paper, some glittery, some more muted but very fitting colours for me. This was the only one the gallery had in black, so I snapped it up.

EF deliberated a little more than me but I love the painting she bought in subtle tones of orange and blues. We met the painter and she had painted this from a vantage point in Lyme Regis. I'm not entirely sure I haven't taken a photograph from the same spot, judge for yourself!


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