Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 300 : people watching!

The Frui Friday challenge this week is person/people and I need to throw whatever hat into the ring I intend to throw today. I'm not really a people photographer but I do have the odd picture that could count in this genre and very few were taken with the subject’s acquiescence . I love the B&W photographs I took recently of Z, KK and little E but I thought I could look deeper in my archive. I knew I’d been ’encouraged’ to try a few environmental portraits in Almería last year. I wouldn't say strictly that this could be a portrait when I'm taking a sneaky shot without their knowledge (as per usual) but this Andalusian woman carefully selecting her peppers particularly caught my eye and she was kind enough to ignore me. Normally if a person is in my photograph it’s invariably their feet or possibly legs. Maybe I have a deep-rooted gear of model releases. This lady had a great face and if certainly made a change for me not to just shoot the peppers!


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