Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 278 : where have all conkers gone?

Yes it's happened, the leaves on the horse chestnut tree are crisping up and falling in the occasional gust. I didn't see a single conker from this tree this year. I heard done of Kew Gardens’ fine specimens suffered from the same blight, I hope it's a temporarily blip. Either that or the local squirrel population were really quick off the mark!

There's another horse chestnut tree further up the road and it did definitely produce conkers. When I walked past en route to the bus-stop I could hear them falling on the roofs of cars and the bungalow next door. They were making a proper thwack so I don't know if any of the shiny cars got dinged by them. I was hoping to find a couple still partially nestling in their spiky jackets but to no avail. I suspect I was competing with the neighbourhood squirrels and schoolboys, not necessarily in that order.


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