Saturday, 12 October 2013

Day 285 : it was a hot summer night!

The theme for the second Frui Friday photo is Summer. Unlike last time the photo doesn't have to be taken over the weekend but you can trawl your archives for a suitable entry. I looked at the photos from France this summer but they didn't scream “summer” enough.

Last summer was the Olympics and Almeria. Neither which hit my blog sadly. I guess when I'm not blogging daily I need a massive catch-up session.

I felt the need for something more exotic, some of my Hawaiian photographs seemed more promising. I hankered for palm trees and sea. There were some possibilities in that fabulous week on paradise but I had another idea.

I searched back through the photographs I took at another J & B’s beautiful wedding in Tenerife in Gran Canaria. I recall standing in awe watching a burnished golden sunset from the balcony of the apartments most of the wedding party were staying in, that image ticks the palm trees and sea boxes plus had the added advantage of a sunset. But I had another in mind, J & B had some artistic shots taken by the official wedding photographers at the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora resort hotel and spent their wedding night there. All the rest of us joined them for drinks the night after and I was taken with another vibrant sunset this evening. This time it was pinker, softer with the shimmering reflections of the cabanas in the infinity pool in the foreground. A lovely memory from a gorgeous wedding in a beautiful place.

Whilst winter has seemingly pounced so very suddenly I think this is an apt entry for a memory “summer” past, I’ll see on Monday if others agree.


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