Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 289 : number ten with a bullet!

The Frui social group challenge is a bit esoteric this time. We have to dream up a band name and conceive an album cover for possibly their first musical offering to the world. Our group start thinking of reflections in puddles, a little abstract and little urban. We passed a tattoo parlour and were rather taken by the flashing red neon sign but decided to park it in favour of puddles. Surprisingly with the impressive rain today we’re not getting joy from the puddles at all. We’ve only got 30 minutes to complete the mission so we have to step it up. There's a wonderful vintage looking shop and we fire a few shots off with one of our team staring in the window wistfully. We espy another tattoo emporium and we try some close-ups of some of their impressive handiwork. A close up of an eye on a poster, a fire alarm, objects from window displays, parts of signage, nothing is really calling us. We’re heading back via the original tattoo place, I love the red sign and think we could use it.

We all take clean shots but as I am fixated on the lights (like a moth) I purposely focus on them to give a softer look. This finally looks like a potential album cover and I shoot more purposely off-focus to give it a grungier look. I'm the only one who can shoot in square frame and we’re convinced that would add the extra kick to our image.

On returning everyone agrees that this shot is a winner, but what about our name. We briefly toy with a revival of the early noughties Russian lesbian girl band, with DP as our manager (not wanting to play a lesbian) but we didn't think everyone would get the reference AK came up with a considerably better name of “ink.” (With the vital full stop) for our band name and a new indie-rock band is born. For the backstory we decide that this is our difficult first album and creative differences have already beset our efforts.

We scoped a covetable and rare ten for our efforts - whoop!


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