Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 151 : up on the roof

After a first preview of an intriguing little horror short AL’s friend is starring in we head over to Milk and Honey for a bit of rooftop action. It’s a balmy evening and after battling through the Friday night revellers in the street below it’s lovely to be in this tranquil oasis, sipping cocktails amongst the chimney pots. After we’ve exhausted the Chim Chiminey Chim Chiminey references inspired by the location, I think Dick van Dyke may have made an appearance at one point doing the ’old bamboo’, we tucked into awesome mini sliders and other yummy stuff washed down with their usual delicious cocktails until it went dark.

We carried on the chilled evening in the “harking back to a speakeasy in the prohibition” Red Room. Our waiter recalled (some of) us from Easter when we plied him with gold wrapped Lindt chocolate bunnies, really the only way to treat your waiter! We were joined briefly by the star of the horror short film from earlier and the elusive and a little tipsy girlfriend of our mysterious companion, let’s call him Charlie Bravo!

They ordered a couple of cabs for us to get home when it was nearing 3am and we were struggling to stifle our yawns. Our cab driver, I think, had recently left the KGB charm school, and after dropping everyone else off we broke down and he intimidated me into waiting for the engine to cool down. It never did recover and eventually I was able to secure a discount on the fare, despite him accusing me of doing a runner (what in these shoes!) and totter off hoping to find a black cab. Luckily, despite the roads being beyond deserted at 4.30am, I secured a ride for the rest of the journey and could finally collapse in bed. All those rooftop shenanigans sure are tiring!


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