Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 124 : cricket on the green

AL and I planned to grab our cameras and mooch around, put the world to rights and see if we’re inspired to creativity by the activities in and around Richmond. Sadly AL’s camera is suffering from a manufacturing fault oil leak so it's off being tended at the Nikon hospital so we’re a photographer down.

As we amble onto Richmond Green there’s a nice little vignette of a couple getting romantic with the local cricket team sporting their whites and whacking a few balls around. I have in my past donned a big hat, whipped up a tasty cricket tea and chilled at the edge of a neatly trimmed grassy lawn. There's nothing more relaxing and perhaps quintessentially English than listening to the thwack of leather on willow and it sure is a beautiful setting. I live in an idyllic place, I should really enjoy it more. There's a fair on this spot next week, if the weather holds out i’ll be back.


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