Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 121 : is there anybody out there?

I leave the office, a little later than I intended, but what's new there? As I walk to the traffic lights opposite from the Tower of London I suddenly notice that The Shard is flashing. The top part, the glass shard bit is pulsating from white, somewhat red and then dark again. I'm positive I've never seen it do that before. It looks like a giant beacon communicating with the mothership or something. I'm pretty sure one of the Doctor Who episodes had the baddies residing in this jagged building, but I don't think it flashed even then. I take some photos, but it looks just as it always does. I figure if I walk a little further towards the station I can get a good vantage point, steady my camera on a flat surface and take several shots at different stages in the cycle. So shortly I find the perfect spot, frame my image and wait, eye to the view finder. But then I realise something’s wrong, I look up at the building and frown. The building isn't flashing any more. There are other photographers around me taking the same view but they seem to be less perturbed than me. I know I didn't imagine it and it’s not doing it anymore. I sigh and give up. One of the other snappers turns to their friend and asked “what did she expect, it to move or something?” Hmmm, yes something like that!


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