Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 146 : popping poppies

There was me thinking I'd nailed poppies yesterday but looking through everyone’s shots last night American J’s photo of a couple of minimalist poppies against a blue, blue sky makes me hanker for just one more. We've been meandering around the village of Domme, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the missing shot in my poppy portfolio but I'm thwarted as I can only find roses.

We break for steak frites, and it seems everyone apart from me has found the elusive poppies on high and are teasing me with their photos. There is a plot not tell me the location of the secret poppy stash but luckily for me, American J takes pity on me and takes me to spot.

The sky has dutifully become ever bluer and standing at the right angle I can avoid the few white fluffies around. Finally I can get my own somehow almost Miro-esque image. I might be able to stop obsessing about poppies. Well at least for today!


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