Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 129 : why does it always rain on me?

I'd been hoping to find myself here in the part of London again so I could capture the vivid canopy of umbrellas. It just seemed so appropriate that the first time I actually stand beneath them, not just espy them at a distance, it's raining! Hence the raindrops on my lens. Having such a diminutive camera (well compared to the DSLR big boys anyway) a mere raindrop or two can totally flood the lens and obliterate the image. Normally I'd be immediately flourishing the Spudz cloth but today I thought it would add a certain simpatico.

If had to choose one, I'd think I'd chose the red one. Nothing cheers up a monochromatic rain-soaked street that a vibrant punch of a red umbrella or red raincoat. I knew a photographer who carried a red jacket for that welcome splash of colour if he was photographing a landscape that lacked a certain something and he needed to break up the snowy white or lines of a slate grey building. Now that's dedication!


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