Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day 125 : swan song

I was delighted to see swans back in Richmond again, well to be fair - a swan. There used several swans here, I believe there's a swan sanctuary further down the river but I haven't spotted any around here for ages. Seeing one swan is rather alarming as I've always understood they are monogamous and there are a surfeit of Canada geese but the swan looked a little lonely. I hope the other swan is around somewhere and just doing its own thing.

As the sun started to set I hoped to get a nice shot of the solo swan in the golden light with Richmond Bridge behind. But despite stalking the poor swan up and down the riverbank it just wasn't obliging enough. It seems swans aren't prone to be directed. I managed a nice little shot of it taking off, probably to avoid me, but I think the tranquil swan is my favourite.


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