Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 130 : a glass act

Tonight I'm at the ’David Bowie is’ exhibition/extravaganza at the V&A. Naturally there was absolutely no chance of a sneaky photograph there but there were plenty of mental images I captured. As we getting ready to leave I was as usual enraptured by the Chihuly chandelier in the foyer. My image doesn't show the full majesty of all 27 feet of it but I wanted to shoot it directly from below. There is an information desk at that spot but they were kind enough to permit my entry “as long as I promised to be good!”

I'm a big fan of Chihuly’s work, he's most definitely a rockstar of glass sculpture. I'd first fell in love at the extraordinary Kew Gardens exhibition, back in 2005. Much to my delight I found myself in his home town after a fabulous holiday on the Grand Luxe train meandering from Albuquerque through the Grand Canyon, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sacramento, to what I thought was Seattle, but was actually Tacoma. I went to visit the glass museum and crossed this most astonishing bridge where Chihuly work is suspended above you in a plate glass ceiling and there's another hundred plus pieces in giant cabinets. Walking under the beautiful organic delicate glass pieces is such an experience with the sun shining through casting dappled jewel-like shadows at your feet.

There's an exhibition of Chihuly’s work at the Halcyon Gallery on Bond Street until later this year, I was able to get a handful of striking black and white images on my last visit but seeing the chandelier, I think a return trip is in order.


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