Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 123 : off with their heads

The crates have arrived, the office is lined with large bins for chucking or shredding, we’re really leaving. My plans to spend the last few weeks in this part of the city recording all the unique or iconic places haven't entirely gone to plan. I've recorded a few but have both been distracted by the reluctant sun and burgeoning blossom and not venturing out enough during daylight hours due to workload. But it's Friday night and I'm at the station on the cusp of the end of the golden hour, it seems the ideal time for a little twilight (but without the vampires) touristy snap of the Tower of London. This is the vantage point many fellow photogs favour. Many visitors have their friends, families possibly strangers in the foreground with bits of the building peeping over their shoulders. Im avoiding people but my challenge is that the tower is currently swathed in ugly white plastic; it’s tricky trying to maximise castle and minimise wrapping. This is the best I can manage.



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