Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 126 : sausage and sausage and mash

When I was looking for a suitable ’owl’ substitute for my owl and the pussycat sailing away in a pistachio shell photograph, I noticed that my little collection of assorted animals appeared to contain a Dachshund.

It seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Inspired by cute photos of HR’s sausage dog puppy fabulously called Mash chasing fountains and chewing things much bigger than his little self I figured I'd be bad and play with my food. Or a little corner of it at least. In anticipation I'd been very diligent in slowly frying the sausages and constantly turning to minimise the inevitable striping. I was going for the Desperate Dan style of sausage and mash presentation but the mash was too buttery and not dense enough for that. However I still managed a pretty jaunty arrangement of the sausages impaling the mash but then, with my macro plus close up filter you couldn't really appreciate the artful arrangement.

Never mind, once removing the very miniature Dachshund, it was tasty too!


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