Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 139 : messing about by the river

One of the many advantages of living not only in a beautiful place (and yes I will very much admit that it's appalling how little time I spend enjoying it) but also by a charming stretch of the River Thames, if your photographic and/or artistic bent turns towards boating paraphernalia or ducks, you're spoilt for choice. The barge built for the Queen’s jubilee regatta last year was crafted here. And later it returned for the fitting of the shiny funnel to bear the Olympic torch flame on it’s final journey to the fabulous opening ceremony.

Today there's nothing so grand as barge fit for a queen but they're beavering away in the boathouse and oars are stacked up against the large weathered wooden doors and a few of the overflow are propped up on the side of Richmond Bridge. Nestled close to the pink geraniums, casting their long shadows I thought they'd make an evocative shot.


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