Sunday, 26 May 2013

Daisy chain

After returning from our morning ministrations and steak frites lunch we have some free time to review the latest photographs, grab a siesta or hang out with the other guests and continue some of the lively conversations from lunch. My shutter finger isn't sated yet and today is a more beautiful day than yesterday. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy it, we've been suffering such a dearth of sun recently.

The garden is very tranquil and I can revisit some of the shots I took yesterday which I didn't think quite worked. I have a groundsheet in my bag, so handy with all the rain as the ground is sodden in places. I always try to pack a bit of groundsheet, I'm not very fond of plonking myself down on mud and/or soggy greenery and I'm always reminiscent of a favourite quote (mentioned previously in case you're an extraordinary keen follower of my blog!) “Observe my foresight. I never venture forth without my mackintosh squares. At any time, one may have to sit on damp ground or cold marble." uttered by the incorrigible Eleanor Lavish in the Room with a View film, an improvement on E. M. Forster’s prose perhaps!

This was perfect, I could lie face down on the capacious groundsheet and get really up close and personal with some daisies. One of the major advantages of some dedicated time just you and your camera is that you can indulge in some serious self-study, oblivious to all other commitments. Armed with my close up filters I'd been determined to explore manual focusing on my camera. Now I could just lie here immersed in the world of daisies, blades of grass and insects mastering something I'd meant to do for ages. And the advantage is also that if I wanted to take a little snooze in the sun I could do just that. Who knew daisies could be so much fun.


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