Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 133 : the anger of the gods

We moved into our new office today, a completely different part of town, completely different photographic opportunities. No towers, beefeaters, bridges that open, jagged shard buildings on the skyline, a river or ’a view’. Gone are the hoards of backpack toting tourists and the boats in the twinkling St. Katharine Dock. It seems this area is more domestic, more little houses, more cafés and restaurants of every international cuisine, hidden, overgrown gardens where you can sit and eat your lunch on a balmy day, and if you bump into a tourist they've probably wandered off from King’s Cross St Pancras station after disembarking from the Eurostar train.

After unpacking and finding new homes in the depleted storage space for our worldly stuff we’re more or less settled in. We have more access to daylight here, larger windows looking out at the street below. I can see some enticing orangey pink tendrils in the sky and wondered if I walk down to one of the meeting rooms I'd have a better view of the sunset. And I do. It's curious, the deep dark bruising of the sky is tinged with fiery orange, the effect is filled with foreboding. Perhaps we’ve angered somebody by moving here, maybe it a sign!


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