Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 142 : once bitten...

AL suggested that we hit Richmond after work for a spot of night photography. Her camera has recently returned from the Nikon hospital and she was keen to give it a bit of a workout. I had a hard stop at 10pm for a work conference call, the city never sleeps blah, blah, blah.

There were some possible shots towards the railway bridge especially when a pair of ducks paddled back and forth in the reflection of the golden tendrils of the setting sun. But we were being utterly plagued by midges. When I examined the resultant photographs, all those taken at the edge of the river are just speckled with swarms of annoying midges. Ironically AL's camera has been under doctor’s orders as it had sprung an oil leak and splattered the sensor with black smudges. And on it’s first trip out the same effect can be achieved by insects. Thankfully stepping back slightly from the river to get the tree to frame the shot, the buzzing little midges weren't so interested. Funny we both toted our tripods around all days and never struck them at all. The light wasn't brilliant, clearly the flying creatures were beyond irritating and the lure of a Pimm’s changed our plan. It made a nice change, no matter how little photography was achieved!


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