Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Day 128 : it's baaack!

After a few consecutive days of sunshine there's been talk of barbecues, picnics, taking to the River Thames in a rowing boat, toes have been exposed to the elements and Facebook has been full of Instagram snaps of people pointing at the sky incredulously whilst catching the rays. But this morning a steely grey sky has replaced the blue one, the sun has put its hat away again and it’s raining. Not that I'm a stranger to rain, I'm a Northern lass after all. The words “persistent drizzle” and “light precipitation” were mainstays of our weather forecasts. I come from a home with an impressive array of umbrellas - tiny hopefully wind proof but invariably not handbag sized, full length ones with shoulder straps in a variety of colours and patterns to coordinate with your rainwear, an elegant wooden handled man’s from Aquascutum and, in the unlikely event somebody wanted to play golf, a succession of increasingly larger golf umbrellas. The largest was nearly substantial enough to have a gravitational pull.

But looking on the bright side (which means not at the sky) I am rather fascinated by raindrops and as London as I'm not being soaked it’s another excuse to flex the +4 close up filter.


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