Friday, 24 May 2013

Day 144 : raindrops on roses...

Yet again I plan a workshop, or a long weekend photography expedition with scant regard for my beauty sleep. We'd been left to our own devices to get to the gîte in deepest Dordogne we’d be inhabiting for the weekend by 6pm today. I'd been to-ing and fro-ing trying to decide between the cheaper Ryan Air flight at stupid o’clock which would necessitate a humungous taxi cab from my place to Stansted Airport and the quite a bit more expensive Air France flight from City Airport at a civilised hour to which I could easily get too without a taxi. The latter was also taking me to a destination airport closer to our long weekend home than the Ryan Air one. Really they had me at Air France! I will concede the flight ended up much more expensive than I hoped, my procrastination had left me only with a first class seat remaining but hey, in the end I didn't have to fly Ryan Air, so bonus!

I had been discussing with the tutor that whether delaying this workshop (due to the Wildflowers workshop in Kent being pushed back due to the tardy Spring) might mean I could encounter poppies in France. He didn't seem so sure but as my little plane landed at the tiny, so quiet airport I espied a lone, delicate, papery, red poppy just off the runway. It looked promising!

I was the only person about when I arrived at our gîte, a couple had arrived early and were out exploring and some had yet to materialise. I took the opportunity to photograph my environs, might as well start flexing my shutter finger.

The garden had a pool (way too cold!), a huge lawn, an abundance of roses, Californian poppies, and a variety of pink fluffy flowers I didn't recognise. It’s not too long however, before it starts raining, rather a lot. I could take shelter but instead decided to explore the transformation the rain had made to the garden. I'm on holiday, so of course don't have an umbrella, but I so loved the raindrops on roses (and whiskers on kittens later in the evening coincidentally) so just chose to ignore it. As long as my camera doesn't get too drowned, I figure I can dry off later!


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