Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 212 : Captain Penguin

When we visited the barge museum last week I spotted a little souvenir fridge magnet of a boat (let’s say barge!) to add to the extensive and eclectic collection adorning my fridge. Definitely fodder for a photo project one day, but I digress.

On returning to the barge I figured that if I could find a suitably magnetic surface I could give my diminutive penguins their own barging experience. I struggled to find anything that would sustain a fridge magnet but after testing pretty much everything metal on the barge, I realise the flag pole on the roof would suffice. It was extremely hot, sizzling hot up there, the reason we generally didn’t hit the sun beds the crew diligently laid out for us every day. To get an extreme close-up, I figured I'd attach said magnet to the flagpole and then ever so carefully situate the penguins. Oh so fiddly! And then lie face down on the upper deck, with the close-up filters screwed on to my camera, three, no two, actually one of them will be enough. It was a pretty tough task, those penguins are rickety and hampered by the full-on blast of the late afternoon sun, but finally the little waders stood up long enough for me to photograph them.

As a final flourish I decided to customise them, a J for our captain carefully navigating the difficult locks and C for the captain-in-training. The other passengers suggested I share the image with the features stars but I figured it would take a lot of explanation as to why I carry miniature penguins around and secondly why I thought they should be represented as thus. However I did and J took a photograph of my photograph, which I guess is a good sign. C wished I'd send it to him and I was able to mention yet again our abject wifi deprivation! Though I'm pretty sure they could use the wifi (weefee), but the passengers couldn't because the mechanism that charged us per hour was not functioning! Hmmm! Our chef seemed concerned as to where he was, obviously in the galley whipping us up something fabulous.

Random but I had time for such craziness!


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