Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 188 : no penguins penguins at all!

Since the sinister threat of CJ’s miniature Doberman with their diminutive Stasi handlers sniffing out one of my teeny, tiny penguins, they've been pondering their safety. There was talk of engaging some tigers but then sense prevailed, maybe the tigers would consider the penguin a tasty fishy snack so the initial idea was abandoned and vegetarians should be enlisted instead.

Then the wily penguins hatched a cunning plan. Rather than obtaining their own vicious creature they would deploy a small zebra herd to act as a camouflage shield. These stealth penguins can mingle with their stripy protectors and hopefully bamboozle any passing predators.

Emboldened by the black and white zebra smoke screen Tiny (my baby penguins are called Tiny and Small after the knitted pink Clanger children) tries on his daisy disguise rendering him entirely invisible to scary dogs, or at least I hope he is.


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