Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 211 : a little Cartier Bresson

I have a little time to hit the streets again before the car arrives to take me to the airport. Not quite enough time to strive for the perfect decisive moment, but a brief channelling of Cartier Bresson is definitely in order. I'm wandering the little streets and passageways in the old town behind my hotel. The narrow passages, which are supposedly unique to Lyon, were originally built for the silk weavers to effortlessly transport their wares between the shops; more recently, during WW II, the French resistance used the little lanes to hide themselves from the Germans.

There are interesting ornate water fountains and elaborate door furniture but a couple of children who seemed determined to go in a contrary direction to their parents caught my eye. And naturally I had to think black and white if I'm considering a homage.

Today is the sunniest day it has been during my quick foray to Lyon, sadly it’s all over too soon before my car awaits to whisk me off to the airport...back to life...back to reality. Quel dommage!


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