Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 184 : water, water everywhere!

Yep, it’s raining again! We’re officially enjoying summer now but no one told the weather. This morning every flower petal, leaf, iron railing, car roof and bonnet is dappled by large rain drops. The rain pouring from the sky has momentarily abated so I'm able to get an abstract shot across the rain-splashed bonnet of a handy Mercedes.

Many hours later I manage to recreate the morning’s downfall by letting my bath overrun by falling asleep moments after I turned the taps on. The upshot was by downstairs neighbours got somewhat rained on by my boiling hot bath water - whoops!

Well I’ve never done that before and I hadn't really met my neighbours until now. And really the way you want to meet your fellow house inhabiters is when they are banging on your door, sleep drowsy, in their underwear, in the wee small hours after you've rudely woken them by an impromptu shower. Fortunately it seems most of the water was captured by their own bath but the damage to the bathroom ceiling is yet to be revealed. Something to look forward to!


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