Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 182 : unleash the penguins!

I've been planning to introduce my penguins into my miniature world for a while but hadn't had the necessary inspiration. I decided yesterday to take a miscellany of my little figures to the park and see if a little interaction with nature netted any interesting images. The teeny, tiny penguin basking in the late afternoon sun nestling in a buttercup was one of my favourites. I posted it online and CJ countered with a photograph of her diminutive Stasi officer and scary looking Doberman hunting my liddle penguin! What a terrifying thought, I think I need to organise some protection for my penguin posse, um what’s the collective noun for penguins? After some research I've established it could be colony, crèche, huddle, parcel, rookery, formality, parade, waddle or raft. My preference would be “waddle” but it sounds suspiciously fabricated in the style of Not the Nine O’Clock News infamously inventing a “flange of baboons”. Well whatever a collective of penguins is called I think mine might be in peril, maybe they should get a tiger or just a really good disguise!


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