Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 192 : on the tiles!

On the way to work this morning I was handed a flyer about photography workshops that piqued my interest. I checked out the Hairy Goat website on the bus and decided the daily mystery photography tour and monthly intermediate workshop warranted further investigation. Whilst browsing their website I saw a link to the e-book The Photographer’s Idea Book by Gilly Walker and decided to buy it, something to get the creative juices flowing can't be a bad thing. If like me you have an iPad, I’d heartily recommend it, though I haven't fathomed how to get the many useful links working yet in iBooks.

On flicking through it I randomly alighted on one suggestion. “Lock yourself in the bathroom -

You have to stay in the bathroom for 1 hour and all you’re allowed to do is take pictures. Once you’ve done the obvious things you’ll get thoroughly bored, but this is when you start to get creative.” After everyone had left, I grabbed my camera plus beloved close-up filters and went outside again in the sunshine but nothing really jumped out at me. On returning i recalled the suggestion and went exploring and discovered a bathroom at work I'd never visited before.

I didn't go for the hour, I had an appointment with a spreadsheet, but I tried to find half a dozen entirely different viewpoints. Firstly the intersection of the tiles and grouting caught my eye.

Then the rugged landscape of the edge of a toilet roll.

The edge of the frosted glass cubicle doors made a striking abstract.

Continuing with the sea-green theme, the plastic bottle housing the liquid hand wash caught my eye.

And then next to it, in the shadow of the chrome taps, a few bubbles left over from the soap.

On leaving the strengthened with wire glass panel on the door shot deliberately off-centre.

Well the first mission is complete, I wouldn't normally take my camera but it does show, inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places.


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