Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 185 : trains and boats and planes

I'm actually on my way home in the daylight, which is a major achievement for me most days. About seven tube stations from home I spot the huge glowing golden ball in the sky and think I might be able to capture a stunning sunset. I make a vain attempt to grab a shot from the tube but I'm fighting with incredibly scratched windows and a speeding train. Hmmm, I try and calculate when I can be somewhere more picturesque and whether the great burning orb will still be hanging in the sky by then. We get into Richmond station and there’s still some sun showing but I need a vantage point. Really I need to head for the River Thames to have some foreground and background interest.

On arrival, I scoot down the cobbles to the end of the towpath but I have, as I feared, missed the sun and the sunset is just not lighting up the sky as yet. Maybe if I stand atop of Richmond Bridge I can get the classic view of the railway bridge in the horizon with the pink and purple stripes in the sky.

I climb the steps to stand on Richmond Bridge, and I opt for a tall portrait shot (i.e. landscape mode but turned 90 degrees) as I wanted to capture both the blue sky and the reflections just below me on the water. As I line up my shot some rowers are manoeuvring their boat back towards its docking spot for the night, following behind is a motor boat zipping under the railway bridge supporting the fast train heading into Middlesex and Berkshire. Up above a jet is making its approach to Heathrow and higher up in the sky there’s a vapour trail from another plane jetting off to foreign lands. I'm glad I got home early enough for this sunset drenched tranquil scene of transportation, I should definitely make more effort to be here more often.


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