Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 190 : one closer!

Today a new close-up filter arrived, though actually it was the first I ordered. When back in March I'd been researching close-up filters in anticipation of the wildflower workshop in signed up for, I'd read the closest close-up filter you can buy is a +10, and you can stack your filters. I couldn't find a +10 in 39mm, so plumped instead for a B+W +5 and +4. The +4 arrived quickly but the +5 went onto back order. I wanted a second filter, so procured a +4 from eBay for about £2 if I recall. I really started putting them through their paces in the first bluebell wood I visited on the Robert Canis workshop. In my enthusiasm I lost the cheaper one somewhere amongst the bluebells, which was rather annoying. I knew I wanted a second one for the weekend in La Dordogne looming so I quickly purchased another B+W NL4 because I'd get it within a couple of days.

Just when I'd given up all hope of the NL5 gracing my postbox, I'd written to the company asking for a refund but that said that it'd just arrived and sure enough it appeared on my desk today.

I was keen to try it out in conjunction with the two +4s and whilst waiting for my tube at Turnham Green I noticed they'd dotted some wicker snoods around crammed full of flowers.

A couple of pink buds caught my eye and if I held my breath and positioned myself with the shiny blue pillar in the background, I should just be able to get a bit closer.

I am sure Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap fame would approve, when asked why I have another close-up filter, it’s simple, “it’s one closer!”


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