Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 183 : scary flower!

We have the odd random pink orchid positioned around the office. they are not really in the major thoroughfares where they might be admired by one and all but almost secreted in curious little nooks slightly off the beaten track. I discovered this one making a foray to the post room. Normally our post is delivered to our desks so I don't enter often into the little tiny room where two fake cats live in the cubby holes. But our intrepid post room ambassador is out today so a hunting I will go. However the post room is locked so instead I have to take photographs of orchids.

They look ferocious! It looks like if you lean too close to sniff the scent it will have your nose off with one bite. Luckily it let me get my little camera real close and left us intact. Grrr!


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