Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 209 : Lyon lit up

Sadly had to pack up and leave the barge today, bade farewell to everyone and go our separate ways. The weather, to ensure the dampening of the mood, is drizzling and then rapidly increases to proper rain. I make my way to Dijon station to catch a train to Lyon for the final few days of my holiday.

Lyon is veiled in grey, the rain is still failing as the cab drops me off at the hotel. As usual on a Sunday in France everything seems very shuttered up. I ask advice at the hotel for a nice restaurant, hoping that somewhere would be open. The receptionist made some phone calls and suggested I made my way to Entrecôte. I hadn't heard of this restaurant before, with its set many of walnut salad followed by steak, done to your liking, with a special garlic, buttery, je ne sais quoi secret sauce and frites. It took a long time to be seated, but it was worth the wait in the end. I've since learnt that there are three of these steak restaurants in London, so I can relive that meal back home.

The wet streets are pretty empty, I make my way over the wet cobbles and find myself walking down the side of Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon.

The sky is black but seemingly swirling with the still remaining clouds, the cathedral is illuminated from below to a warm honey colour meaning I can still capture a pleasing image despite the late hour.

Lyon has an infamous festival of light each early December, seeing the cathedral and the other illuminated buildings with the light flooding into the River Saône makes me think I should be booking a return visit in December to see all this turned up to eleven.


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