Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 187 : a very a British summer day

A glorious day, I better not speak too loudly but summer might just be here. Marble Hill House Park is chock full of little vignettes.

There are couples stretched out on blankets on the grass sharing lazy stolen kisses. A group of dogs and children are chasing enthusiastically after balls. Two little boys are whooping with delight as their father catches them and tosses them up in the air one by one. Three young girls wearing pretty floral dresses, perhaps they've been to a birthday party, have carefully sat on a checked cloth their mother has spread out and they're now gathering buttercups and daisies.

Three woman are desperately trying to expose as much pale skin as possible to the the warming rays whilst sharing a punnet of strawberries and gossip. There’s a entire family playing a riotous game of cricket whilst children pedal furiously on tiny tricycles. There are impromptu picnics all over the grounds, and hearing the clink of glasses I wish I'd broken out one of my wicker hampers.

Above us all a seagull, clearly lost, is circling and gliding in the cornflower blue sky. A much awaited very British summer scene...finally!


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