Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 198 : eye of mango

On the way to Waterloo station after the South-bank Frui social I couldn't fail to notice that the London Eye was flashing orange against the inky sky. It seemed worth investigating further so I walked up to the foot of the Eye past the reclining couples, the boys breakdancing to their CD player (yes, how retro?), teenagers smoking and hanging from the adventure playground structures and tourists milling around wondering if it were too late for a trip on the infamous London was!

There's a screen set up on the Thames showing a promo for the soft drink Oasis, who it transpires, are launching a new flavour called Mango Medley tomorrow and the flashing London Eye is in anticipation of that event. I rather like the citrusy golden glow the Eye is adorned with tonight, and was pleased I could capture it.


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