Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 204 : chasing butterflies

I nearly miss getting off the barge this morning, I was switching my strappy sandals to something a little more substantial as had been suggested. The bell had rung and I was just slipping on the second shoe, as I ran up the stairs I realised everyone had gone, we were rising in a lock and I had no way off. The crew helped me onto the roof, indicated I should jump onto the lock wall but thinking how incredibly likely I could slip on my first day and render the rest of my holiday immobile, I declined. Fortunately Camille flung the gangplank across the chasm and I could step safely to terra firma clutching my tripod, hat and plenty of bottled water.

We pick up our guide and head for the woods and a waterfall. The late summer has more or less dried up the water so it's now just a trickle down some greeny rocks. After that we climb higher to get a fine view over the countryside. It is seriously hot, the sun is relentless, I'm glad I purchased the sunscreen and packed a hat. Everywhere I look I see butterflies and decide to make it my mission to capture a butterfly photograph. They're nippier and wilier even than bees, they linger so briefly on all the wild flowers and bushes around us. Eventually after tweaking the shutter speed I finally get one clean shot and a handful of near misses.

I'm reminded that I'm not on a photography holiday and despite other keen snappers, there’s no time to dedicate to getting that perfect shot, I just hold everyone up so I'm going to have to rein my creative tendencies in or I'm in danger of being left behind.


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