Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 201 : second century...done!

I’m delighted that I've reached my second century, 200 days into my 365 photo-a-day blogging project. I still struggle to blog each day, on the actual day, and invariably end up playing catch up at the weekend, this one being no exception.

I can see my themes have altered dramatically in these 100 days rather than the previous 100. I've experienced my first studio shoot, finally got to Dungeness again, had a long weekend in France and discovered close-up filters. The first 100 days featured the underground, tubes and stations quite frequently, and occasionally snow. More recently it’s been all about flowers and tiny details. The late, reluctant spring was meticulously recorded, each bud, blossom and raindrop. Each time the sun showed its face I was there with a camera.

I finally got my wish and was able to walk through a beautiful poppy field, it had been raining all day so it was a much muddier experience than I'd envisaged. I took hundred of pictures of poppies over several days and immortalised them in screen savers, ’business’ cards and postcards.

Sunsets still feature strongly, I'm sure I’ll always be a sucker for a pink sky. My miniature people/animals have started to appear more, the close-up filters opening up a whole new world of possibilities. I’ve amassed a small penguin army and they will be popping up every now and then. There's been a smattering of black and white photographs, a handful of blue skies and the infamous Gummi bear murder! Architecture has figured more, there was a bit of a racing car, sparkly things, birds, bees and a Snog (frozen yoghurt).

I've spent more quality time in Richmond with my camera, it is sacrilege I live in such a beautiful place and don't appreciate it enough. I'm making amends there.

And as for the next 100 days...the first 10 are in France, there's another studio shoot coming up and I definitely will be checking out the Hairy Goat mystery day. The clicking continues!


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