Sunday, 7 April 2013


Today was the Frui Mystery Day and we'd been told it would be an extra special one. We congregated at Waterloo at the allotted hour, were handed our gold envelops and discovered we were heading for Ascot Racetrack. I'd never been horse racing before and rather wish I'd bought a hat or perhaps an elaborate fascinator. But of course warning me to be so attired would have spoilt the surprise! As a bonus it's a bit nearer to home than a usual mystery jaunt so when we return with weary shutter fingers I can be safely tucked up pouring over the days shooting all the quicker.

When I realised that it was tricky to photograph the actual races due to their distance from us and all the barriers I resorted to being obsessed with the horses being paraded before the race, especially trying to get a good horseshoe shot and the races badges being worn by the officials.

Despite not knowing of the hat-wearing location I did find a beautiful hat to add to my collection. Not very Ascot but at least it’ll keep me warm.

There were many great characters that our group were mainly focusing on, a plethora of tweeds, plenty of Barbour waxed accoutrements and bowler hats. As usual I eschewed the people shots and zoomed in on the detail instead.


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