Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 109 : Venice in Richmond

I somehow managed to get to Richmond at a not too ridiculous time and standing on the bridge looking up at the tower and the blue, blue sky. The Richmond Riverside development is a somewhat controversial design by Quinlan Terry. I remember when I first moved to Richmond so long ago I lived on the hill and all this whole area was boarded up being redeveloped. The surprise was seeing what lay behind all the boards was first revealed in a model at the Design Museum. It gave me a curiously to explore over Richmond Bridge.

The development has been designed to be purposely eclectic with no two buildings the same. It’s nice but a tad chocolate-boxy as if Disney had designed a complex of classically styled villa buildings. There's a bit that could remind you of Venice, a bit Victorian, another bit Georgian, it’s all a bit clean and perfect but I haven't a clue how it all looked before it was developed. I seem to recall Prince Charles praised the design for the clear nod to the retrospective rather than acres of stark steel and glass.


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