Monday, 22 April 2013

Day 112 : it’s no use crying over...

I had a plan when I left the office today, I'd photograph the stacks of metal barriers waiting to be collected after all the enormous effort of the London Marathon yesterday. They had been regimentally lined up, slathered in red advertising banners and flanked the highway. But the idea really wasn't working, the abstract ones seemed too messy and the ones with a twinkly Tower Bridge in the background were just too noisy.

On entering the station thoughts of barriers were banished as I was rather struck by the milk catastrophe. There didn't seem to be a particular hurry to mop it all up so I had my chance. There was something very artistic and abandoned about it. I could imagine it curiously in the Tate Modern, surrounded by people stroking their collective chins and remarking on the wantonness impact of the piece.

It amused me that after taking my shots, I spotted a Nikon shooter furtively stowing his camera away and a French guy framing a photo on his iPhone.

Clearly we all had the same idea - it’s no use crying over spilt milk but it might be worth a photograph!


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